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  • 5th Degree Assault – Minnesota Statute 609.224

    5th Degree Assault is a charge alleging that one caused “bodily harm” to another or that you put that individual “in fear” of bodily harm. Depending on whether you have prior assault-type offenses on your record, a 5th Degree Assault charge in the Twin Cities MN metro area can range from a misdemeanor with a punishment of up to 90 days in jail and a $1,000 fine or up to a felony that includes prison time.

    If you are charged with assault, you face many challenges in court, and your lifelong record will suffer upon conviction. Besides facing jail time and a loss of firearm possession rights, you can be forced to take lengthy classes and be under the strict supervision of a probation officer.

    Many people in your situation feel that they were the ones assaulted and that they were only defending themselves from attack. Yet, prosecutors often fail to recognize “self defense”, and the Twin Cities metro police do not write their reports to reflect that you were the one assaulted and are innocent. Prosecutors become “welded” to every word of the police report as if it were TRUTH written by the Hand of God!

    Don’t take chances representing yourself with such a charge. It takes substantial legal expertise and resources to bring your witnesses to court to testify for you. Moreover, there are legal notice requirements that you will miss if you try to defend yourself in court. Call METROWIDE LEGAL SERVICES now and get the help of an experienced Minnesota attorney who can effectively defend you against the prosecutor and the unjust charges against you.

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