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    If you are trying to get a friend or relative out of jail, particularly on a weekend or legal holiday, you will need to have an attorney contact a judge and prosecutor in the district where the jail is located in order to set bail. Only attorneys can do that. Your friend or relative is in custody and has no ability to call a judge or even a lawyer to get bail set so that they can be released. It is up to you to contact an experienced lawyer to get bail set and connect you with a bail bond company in order to get your family member or friend out of a Minnesota jail.


    Bail release for people charged with gross misdemeanor DWI’s pose special problems and pitfalls. An unsuspecting defendant is often presented with bail alternatives that will cost them – or you – more money in the near future than getting released on monetary bail only. What may seem like an inexpensive and quick way of getting released from custody may turn out to be an albatross on living life productively while waiting to answer to the charges in court. Call an attorney at METROWIDE LEGAL SERVICES and get the answers you need in order to make the right decision about how to get your friend or relative out of jail that will make the most sense for your finances and their lifestyle.


    Many counties around the metro area, like Anoka and Ramsey County, will not release anyone from custody on a weekend or holiday, and the court will require that they appear personally in front of a judge during regular court business hours. Without representation by an experienced attorney, the judge may not be fully informed about your friend or relatives living situation or likely defenses to the charge. This lack of information may cause the Minnesota court to set bail too high for you to afford, and the person will remain in jail at least until their next court appearance. They will miss work, possibly lose their job and miss other important events that you and your family may have planned. Don’t take chances with your friend or relatives freedom or your finances for paying a high bail. Call METROWIDE LEGAL SERVICES now and get in touch with an experienced lawyer who will contact a judge or appear in court and vigorously argue to have your friend or relative released with as little impact to their lives and your resources as possible.

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