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  • Disorderly Conduct | MN Statute 609.72

    Disorderly conduct is often used by the police and prosecutors as a “catch all” offense if they believe your conduct involved disturbing the peace of others by simply being noisy, argumentative or fighting and brawling. Many times disorderly conduct can be used to sidestep or reduce an assault charge. Disorderly conduct is still a misdemeanor that carries a penalty of up to 90 days in jail and a $1,000 fine and it does go on your public criminal record.

    Many prosecutors and police do not realize that “self defense” IS a defense to a charge of disorderly conduct. Moreover, police and prosecutors often believe that merely ruffling someone’s feathers with unflattering speech is a criminal offense!

    Get Help With Disorderly Conduct Charges (Minnesota Statute 609.72) in the Greater Twin Cities Metro Area

    Just because disorderly conduct seems to be less serious than other offenses doesn’t mean that you should suffer a criminal conviction, especially if you believe the police and prosecutor are wrong about the facts. Get the advice and guidance of an attorney from METROWIDE LEGAL SERVICES today and find out what can be done, in court, to keep you from having a disorderly conduct conviction from being put on your record.

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