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    A great many people charged with shoplifting (theft) in the Twin Cities metro area do not see the need to obtain a private attorney. Sadly, those people go to court and face a prosecutor who does not have their best interests in mind when negotiating with them for a guilty plea. Without understanding the legal language of a prosecutor, they end up with a crime of dishonesty on their record even though they thought that the theft charge was going to be kept “off their record”. Don’t let this happen to YOU!

    A private attorney will help you understand exactly what is happening in court and will prepare you so that you can achieve results that may help you preserve your good name in society and allow you to live prosperously without the stigma of being a thief following you throughout life. Once you go to court without counsel and enter into a plea bargain that does not protect your interests, it is nearly impossible to reverse what you have done. Don’t rely on an expungement. They are difficult to obtain, expensive, and future employers may still be able to discover that you were convicted of a theft despite an expungement order from a judge.

    Get Legal Help With Theft Charges (Minnesota Statute 609.52)

    Call METROWIDE LEGAL SERVICES and speak to a Twin Cities attorney experienced with theft cases, like yours, before you go to court or make decisions that may drastically affect your life for years to come. You owe it to yourself and your future to get the advice and representation you deserve.

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